Op. Dr. Uğur Yaşar

Dr. Yaşar was born in Denizli in 1958. He has been working at Gözakademi Eye Hospital since 2015. He received his medical degree from Cerrahpaşa University School of Medicine. Dr.Yaşar has completed his residency in ophthalmology at State Specialized Hospital Department of Eye Diseases.
Dr. Yaşar served as an ophthalmology doctor at the Şişli Etfal Hospital, Denizli Public Hospital, Medical Park Hospital and Letoon Hospital.
Dr. Yaşar is one of the first surgeons in Turkey to perform laser vision correction. He is performing laser vision correction since 1992, and he has performed over 10.000 laser procedures so far. Patients have traveled from every parts of the country for Dr. Yaşar to perform their excimer laser procedure.

SEE WELL Eye Clinic

I have come without seeing and am being discharged seeing! I thank to Gozakademi Hospital very much. I was sightless, and thank God, I can see with the cornea transplantation. I have come here without seeing and I can see while being discharged. I thank you so much and wish you success.

— Ulan Taizhanov