Dr. Halil Aksoy

Education: Gazi University Medical Faculty

Career Education: Pamukkale University Anaesthesiology and Reanimation

Organizations Where He Worked: Şanlıurfa Maternity Hospital, Denizli Surgical Hospital

Thesis Studies: Epidural Lumbar Surgery under Anaesthesia

Memberships of Professional Associations and Organizations: Chamber of Medicine

Domestic Publications: General and Epidural Anaesthesia Applications in Patients who Underwent Lumbar Surgery

SEE WELL Eye Clinic

I have come without seeing and am being discharged seeing! I thank to Gozakademi Hospital very much. I was sightless, and thank God, I can see with the cornea transplantation. I have come here without seeing and I can see while being discharged. I thank you so much and wish you success.

— Ulan Taizhanov