“See Well” is a brand created by “GÖZAKADEMI EYE HOSPITAL” which operates in TURKEY for more than 13 years with the trust of Erikoglu Investment Holding.

See Well locates in the center of Tirana (Blloku) and welcomes its patients with Turkish hospitality in its modern environment. “See Well” is capable of serving diagnosis service in every field of ophthalmology.

Our doctor; Dr. Rubin TOPI accepts their patients for examination, from Monday through Saturday. Our Turkish doctors in Turkey; Prof Dr. Cem YILDIRIM who is famous for the success of most difficult eye problems.

See Well knows the importance of experience and the technology in healthcare, so utilizes the most advanced types of equipment to ensure an accurate diagnosis.  Thanks to the assurance of the highly qualified doctors and the best ophthalmology devices, “See Well”  provides the best eye diagnosis service of Balkans.

Our Medical Team