GözAkademi Hospital serves on the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases by following the most advanced technology in order to keep patient satisfaction and comfort in the forefront with its 11 fully equipped patient rooms, 2 operating rooms and one excimer laser operation room fitted with special filtered air conditioning systems at total area of 1.800 m2.

It is a referral hospital in which academic treatments and special operations are practiced in the region.

State of Art Technology..

GözAkademi Hospital gives importance to technology and makes sure their doctors can utilize the most advanced technology available in eyecare around the world. Femtocataract, Intralase Laser, SLT laser devices, OCT, Excimer laser, Wavefront personal laser technology, YAG Laser, Argon Laser, Phaco Devices, Operation Microscopes, Angiography, Anterior segment imaging, Visual field, Microkeratome are some examples. GözAkademi is the first hospital in Denizli, and the fourth in Turkey, performing “Femtocataract” method.


GözAkademi is capable of performing all surgical operations related to eye care such as corneal transplantation, vitrectomy, dislocation, strabismus, excimer laser (wavefront, i-lasik, lasik-lasek), cataract (femto cataract surgery with Catalys, phaco, multifocal/trifocal IOL), keratoconus surgeries (cross linking, intracorneal ring with Intralase) and many others. It is a reference hospital in which academic treatments and special operations are practiced successfully with more than 10 years experience.

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