More than 13 years experience….

Eye Surgeries by the best Turkish Medical Team

Seewell Turkish Eye Clinic is performing eye examinations,prescription of glasses , outpatient treatments in cooperation with Turkish doctors and Albanian Doctor Rubin Topi.
Dozens of diseases, especially in cataracts, strabismus, blepharoplasty, tear duct obstructions, orbital Tumors, prosthetic e yes, are treated by Op. Dr. Huseyin Aslankara, Op. Dr.Iskender Alkin Solmaz and Op. Dr. Sefik Can Ipek . Each doctor is the best in their fields and all well known in Turkey.

GözAkademi Hospital is a referral hospital in which academic treatments and special operations are practiced successfully with more than 13 years experience.
It utilizes the most advanced technology available in eyecare around the world. Femtocataract, Intralase Laser, SLT laser devices, OCT, Excimer laser, Wavefront personal laser technology, YAG Laser, Argon Laser, Phaco Devices, Operation Microscopes, Angiography, Anterior segment imaging, Visual field, Microkeratome are some examples. GözAkademi is the first hospital in Denizli, and the fourth in Turkey, performing “Femtocataract” method.

GözAkademi is capable of performing all surgical operations related to eye care such as corneal transplantation, vitrectomy, dislocation, strabismus, excimer laser (wavefront, i-lasik, lasik-lasek), cataract (femto cataract surgery with Catalys, phaco, multifocal/trifocal IOL), keratoconus surgeries (cross linking, intracorneal ring with Intralase) and many others.

Health Tourism

About Process

Our patients come to See Well Eye Clinic. They are examined by our Turkish Doctor Dr Hüseyin Aslankara, Dr Iskender Alkin Solmaz, Dr Şefik Can İpek or Albanian doctor Rubin Topi.
After determining the exact diagnosis and best treatment method, a detailed health tourism package is prepared and shared with our patient. We also perform surgeries in Albania with the last technology equipments.

By coming and getting eye examination at See Well, our patients get access to best medical team in Turkey and have chance to get second opinion without coming to Turkey.
They get previlige of being See Well patient and have health tourism offers special to our clinic.
By accepting the offer; the guests can visit the ancient cities and get benefit from thermal waters at Pamukkale while regaining the health of their eyes.
After turning back, they can continue post-op controls at See Well and can get opinion from their surgeons.

It depends on the eye disease and the patient is informed in detailed before coming to Turkey.

Health Tourism Process

Eye Examination at See Well

Our patients are examined by our Turkish Doctors Dr. Aslankara, Dr. İpek and Dr. Solmaz or Albanian doctors Dr. Topi.

Second Opinion From Turkish Doctors

The results of our patients who have problem in their eyes, are sent to GozAkademi Eye Hospital and checked by the medical team leaded by the best eye doctor of Turkey “Prof.Dr. Cem Yıldırım”.

Determining the Treatmend and Giving Offer

After determining the exact diagnosis and best treatment method, a detailed health tourism package is prepared and shared with our patient

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