Retinal Diseases

Retinal Diseases

– Congenital

– Hereditary

– AMD (age-dependent macular degeneration)

– Inflammatory diseases,

– Vascular,

– Systemic diseases dependent disorders (hypertension, diabetes, collageneous, etc.)

– Macular diseases (involving in visual cortex)

– Retinal toxicity (medication-dependent retinal damage)

– Tumors, retinal degeneration, retinal detachment

What are the Diagnosis and Test Methods?


Anamnesis, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, PAM (Potential Acuity Meter), visual space, Amsler chats.


Fundus examination (Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy),


FFA, ICG, Electrophysiological tests (ERG, EOG, etc.), OCT (Laser Tomography of Eye Layers).

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